Munro Homes Mobile Website

In 2012, a housing boom in Saskatchewan created a glut of new homes in our market. Munro Homes, a custom homebuilder in the province, approached Captive with the challenge of conceptualizing a solution that would help their potential customers navigate this flooded industry. Munro wished to differentiate their homes from the rows upon rows of new houses constructed by other homebuilders throughout the city.


Output The initial direction from Munro Homes was to integrate the use of QR codes into their signage by having the customer scan the QR code, which would direct them to a listing of the home. Along with the poor traction QR codes have with Munro Homes' target demographic, the cost to facilitate and maintain this strategy would have been out of reach. Through an in-depth analysis of how potential customers could interact with this tool, Captive reversed this approach and created a mobile or web-based app that allowed users to view the listings of these homes without having to use QR codes.

Outcome The resulting web-based mobile app pulled the user's current location and showed all of the listings within their area or neighbourhood on an interactive map. Furthermore, homes could also be searched by desired neighbourhoods.