Statrat iPhone Application

A by-product of 22Fresh, Statrat is a native mobile app that further supports 22Fresh's claim as a baseball lifestyle brand. The app is the second generation version of "Fresh Nation", a facebook app that allowed baseball players to track their stats online, and connect to other players – attracting the likes of Bryce Harper and other up-and-comers.

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Output The app appeals to baseball players as the "6th tool" in their bag. The architecture is user-friendly to attract fans of the game, but also houses required information to accurately display player stats. Furthermore, this online community connects players and fans, and allows them to communicate with ease.

Outcome Since the launch of Statrat, the community has grown to over 10,000 members, but the most astonishing part is the loyalty of the users – over 2,000,000 stats have been submitted to date.