Adam P. Developer

Self-taught computer programmer and walking Wikipedia.


Adam is a technical wizard who has been around electronics and learning code since before he could talk. He builds websites from the ground up, maintains our server, and pretty much looks after anything containing wires or microchips. Despite all of this, Adam is not your typical web guy and hasn't seen a single episode of the Star Wars saga. You can imagine the dismay when his dad (also a computer wiz) said in a deep voice, "Adam, I am your faaatha," to absolutely no reaction.

Adam is proactive, methodical and adventurous. He loves to get behind the wheel to see where the road takes him - sometimes that's a 7,000 km tour throughout the U.S.A. He also shoots targets at the gun range; so, if you need some kinks worked out of your website, or protection during the zombie apocalypse, Adam's your man.