Kip S. VP Sales & Digital

Always working the angles to improve the Captive client experience.


Kip is an entrepreneurial spirit, a bit of a hypochondriac, and a self-proclaimed, "Most interesting man in the world." He's always looking for an angle to improve Captive's product, as well as its processes. Kip is an explorer in search of new ideas and the next awesome business opportunity. He sums it up nicely when he states, "Sometimes you just have to toss pickles at the window and see what sticks."

Kip was one of the first to recognize the incredible potential of social media and used it to successfully launch his own line of baseball apparel called 22Fresh. His ties to Captive run deep - so deep he even married a former member of the Captive crew. Kip played college baseball in the U.S. for four years but now he hits it out of the park daily for our clients - all while balancing his family life and coaching his boys' hockey team. Get Kip to toss a few pickles at the window for you and let's see what sticks.