Randy K. VP Operations

Keeps INDR partners and clients happy so they keep coming back for more.


Randy devotes 95% of his time to ensuring Captive's vast INDR media network is running like a well-oiled machine. The other 5% is spent monitoring Bonanza's vast buffet. A lifelong entrepreneur, Randy once owned and operated Goldsmith stores. Now, it's Captive's clients and partners who he treats like gold.

Randy is a renaissance man of sorts. Summers are spent at baseball diamonds and fairways. Winters are for snowboarding, travel, and the epic quest for tenpin bowling's perfect score. He soars with the eagles with a bona fide pilot's license, but he's down-to-earth and old school when it comes to cranking his collection of LPs. Randy's a whole lot of fun and a master of the close shave with women lining up in his imagination to caress his baby smooth skin.