Serge B. Creative Director

A creative problem solver who turns rough ideas into reality.


Serge is the bossman who oversees direction, branding and quality control in the Captive creative department. He's a leader by design who likes to be hands-on when it comes to turning sketches into a polished product. Serge is also the keeper of the successful 22Fresh brand. He's always creating, inventing and looking for the next big challenge.

Serge is a complex man who can be tough to sum up in just a few words. He's quirky, artsy and outdoorsy. Legend has it he can start a campfire with just one stick (and no, not a matchstick). He's that perfect blend of guy who gets the job done and goofball, big galoot and giant teddy bear. Just don't compare him to Seth Rogen or he may set you ablaze with aforementioned stick.