Steve K. President

The mastermind and the money behind the entire operation.


Steve is a mover and a shaker who craves being busy but family always comes first. He began this adventure over two decades ago and has since created a Captive culture that thrives on innovation, evolution and empowerment for his team. He is a born leader who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions; and he settles for nothing less than 100% flawless execution, 100% of the time.

Steve has a long list of accolades but devoted father and husband tops the bill. When not managing his empire, he manages several businesses and somehow finds the time for the other love of his life... baseball. He has been named Sask Baseball Coach of the Year, he plays and trains year-round, lends a hand to the Regina Red Sox, and spearheads initiatives to build better baseball parks within the city. He looks out for his family, his team, his clients and his community. That's why we think Steve belongs in the Hall of Fame.