Casino Regina In-Store, Street Level

Casino Regina and Captive have enjoyed a long-standing relationship. In 2013, Casino Regina approached Captive to bring XM staff into Casinos Regina & Moose Jaw. Captive visited the casinos five to eight times a month to assist in promotions on the gaming floor. This service was provided in addition to assistance with other events such as: The Royal Treatment, the Casino Moose Jaw Showgirls, and several community events.


Output Captive's XM staff attended monthly training sessions to remain well-informed about all facets of their duties, which included: informing customers about in-house promotions, and assisting customers in operating new electronic kiosks. The rigorous education program for the staff ensured quality one-on-one interactions with every casino guest.

Outcome Captive's XM staff had thousands of conversations with guests of the casino. These interactions resulted in a welcoming and helpful atmosphere and the perception of a more personalized approach to customer service.