Conexus Freestyle Tour Event Marketing

Conexus enlisted Captive to develop a street level campaign promoting their new FreeStyle No-Fee account. Conexus launched their free chequing account, dubbed the "Conexus Freestyle Account". The campaign emphasized that the account was absolutely free of all conventional charges and fees. Captive was hired to be the face of the campaign--enlisted to create a theme and experience that would show the archaism of the conventional paid accounts, and help set potential and existing account holders free.


Output Captive created a campaign that tied together both street level components such as wrapped vehicles, tents and staff and digital components. Working forward from the idea that bank fees are archaic, Captive developed an experience to help convince patrons that the account truly had no fees.

Outcome The theme of revolt along with the campaign's simple iconography and messaging helped inform patrons of the obvious benefits of Conexus's FreeStyle No-Fee account.