SaskPower Powering The Future Tour Event Marketing

Working with other Regina-based agencies, Captive worked with SaskPower to develop and execute their Power to Grow Tour. Captive's expertise in experiential marketing and interactive exhibits made them the obvious choice to source materials, handle executions at events, develop the interactive components and help coordinate the production of tour components.


Output The tour experience helped educate patrons on the issues SaskPower is facing with aging infrastructure and increasing household power usage. An experience spanning multiple mediums which included an augmented reality presentation, power generation bike and a separate kids' presentation ensured that SaskPower's key messaging was covered in ways that were accessible and engaging for patrons.

Outcome Fun and engaging experiences such as the power generation bike and the "Home of the Future" exhibit engaged patrons and succinctly presented the key issues SaskPower is facing looking forward. The augmented reality presentation provided a more in depth treatment that left patrons with a clear understanding of the work SaskPower is doing to evolve Saskatchewan's power generation and distribution.