SaskPower Tackle Your Power Bill Street Level, Event Marketing

In 2013, Captive was awarded a 3-year contract as SaskPower's experiential marketing agency. SaskPower was noticing a loss of interest in their brand and felt they were losing touch with their customers. Captive's first initiative was to develop an XM offering which leveraged SaskPower's sponsorship of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, while creating a fun and interactive experience for their customers and educating them about SaskPower's newest offerings and programs.


Output Looking toward football itself for inspiration – Captive conceptualized and developed a display centering around a tackling dummy as used in football training camps. As customers tackled the dummy, the rig calculated the force applied, and used a large display to show common household objects the customer could power with the energy expended. This display provided a fun and interactive experience while educating users about their power consumption.

Outcome Hundreds of customers at each event took a run at the dummy drawing in crowds and spectators resulting in a phenomenal number of impressions and interactions at each event. This simple system was an astounding success at driving engagement and giving the XM staff onsite a chance to interact with and educate SaskPower's customers.