SaskTel infiNET Street Level, Augmented Reality

Looking to communicate their infiNET fiber optic initiative, SaskTel approached Captive for some creative ways to demonstrate the benefits of their new network technology, such as: lower latency and speeds up to 5,200% faster than their regular connection.


Output Captive partnered with a homebuilder to place several different displays within their showhomes, each demonstrating the benefits of infiNET. An augmented reality program allowed simple cards to be used to display videos and other media with a futuristic feel in line with the infiNET experience. An interactive video display was developed to simplify and demonstrate the effect on streaming video and online games when multiple devices were sharing a single internet connection. The experience was also flexible enough to be demonstrated at a tradeshow, in a tent, or wherever the team needed to be.

Outcome Through the augmented reality and interactive displays the infiNET campaign demonstrated the benefits of future-proofing your home with SaskTel's infiNET to tens of thousands of people throughout the province.