SaskTel LTE Tour Street Level, Event Marketing

SaskTel desired a way to get the message out about their new 4G LTE mobile network. Seeing is believing, so they enlisted Captive to help demonstrate the key points to customers in a fun and memorable way. Captive's objective was to demonstrate that SaskTel's LTE network was the fastest in the province and had the best coverage.


Output Simple but effective, Captive conceptualized a system whereby a user could race their existing network against SaskTel's 4G LTE network. The user had their photo taken against a backdrop with both phones; then, they were timed on how long the photos took to send. The race was projected onto a large display with a camera system to extend the interaction to passers-by. All photos taken were added to a microsite to allow users to share their photos through social media channels.

Outcome The 4G LTE team attended over 20 events throughout Saskatchewan and interacted with thousands of people demonstrating the speed and coverage of SaskTel's 4G LTE mobile network.